Warm reminder when you looking for a Chinese sourcing agent


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Warm reminder when you looking for

a Chinese sourcing agent

It is not mandatory to have a sourcing agent, but it can help a lot in my opinion.

There are really a lot of companies doing the same thing in China. Some of them can be found on Alibaba, but most of them will be much easier to deal with if you can use a Chinese sourcing agent or if you can speak Chinese with them.

Furthermore, the Chinese sourcing agent can help you with the export of products that some Alibaba suppliers might not have experience with. Sure, you will need to pay your agent, but it should be well worth it, especially if you can find a long-term supplier since you need to pay the agent only once.

Last, the Chinese sourcing agent can help you solve any issue with your supplier because they know Chinese law and they know how not to be tricked. Some sellers in China (just like in other countries) may want to raise the price or give you some excuses for their low performance. The Chinese sourcing agent will not accept excuses for poor performance, and use the Chinese business law to ensure you waste as little as possible of your own time and money.

For example, many businesses in China will only make important purchases through contracts, that specify all the consequences in case of low performance or no delivery, and so on. Those contracts protect both sides, but since they are made in Chinese you need someone who knows how to deal with this and how to value the contract, and knowing the language is not enough. You also need to find a Chinese sourcing agent who knows how to do business in China, otherwise, it will raise your risks.

The sourcing work is mainly divided into online sourcing and offline sourcing.

The sourcing jobs are different between them.

The online sourcing mainly targets China online shopping platforms like 1688, Taobao, JD, Aliexpress, etc, and those sourcing mainly for dropshipping wholesale and distributor e-commerce business.

Offline sourcing or bulk sourcing mainly focuses on the Chinese wholesale markets or factories.

Online sourcing is very easy, the sourcing agent mainly applies 2 sourcing methods, keywords, and photos.

For example, if you are dropshipping or wholesale from China and you are inquiry a Chinese sourcing agent to help you drop ship or wholesale from 1688, you usually need to provide the product photos with Aliexpress link, then the sourcing agent could help you source via photos or keywords from Aliexpress product description, after that they will filter the suppliers with stock, delivery time, price, product sales, supplier credits, year of experience etc. In this way, the sourcing works can be done online and the service fee is usually cheap enough. If you’re an online shop or small business, no need to custom make a box or Logo, just need stocks, this method is suitable for you.

Offline sourcing or wholesale market sourcing takes time and money.

As the sourcing agent needs to visit the factory or local market, make samples, etc.

Since China is big and the different province has different industries distributed, the sourcing cost will need to include travel cost, human salary, etc.

The offline sourcing needs the sourcing agent more professional and they are more localized.

For example, if you want to source digital products like earphones, phone case then you will need to find sourcing agents in Guangdong province like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan;

If you need to source wedding dresses then you should find a sourcing agent in Jiangsu province like Suzhou City as the industries are more concentrated.

If you need offline sourcing you should know which province in China produces and exports the products the most then you google local sourcing agent, in this way, you get more professional sourcing with low cost.

Of course, if you have a very reliable sourcing agent in China and worked for years, you can let him/her visit the factory by train or air even if they are thousands of miles distance.

Thus no matter whether online or offline sourcing, the sourcing agent’s experience, professionality, communication skills, and fees are always the most important factors when you looking for a Chinese sourcing agent.

After doing business for a long time, I can say my experiences in China do not differ much from the other countries,  you get good manufacturers and bad ones everywhere.

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