Produce Line Project

History of Production Lines


Production lines began all the way in 1913 by a man named Henry Ford.


He created the first-ever moving assembly line to create automobiles.


Ever since then, they have been a big part of history and we would be nowhere without them.


The main goal of a production line is to speed up the process of creating a product without much human interaction.


Big machines are specially programmed to complete certain tasks to ensure the product is made correctly.


Without production lines, products would take much longer to make.


After 110 years, the production line still is important, it doesn’t show in the shops, they are in workshops.


When you visit one factory, the 1st thing is you want to see their production line.


It’s so important part of manufacturing, designed to increase speed and efficiency and perform limited tasks.


Whether you are a new factory owner or an old owner who wants to upgrade and increase production capacity, you can tell MECO sourcing your ideas,


and we will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your needs.


Before you send us information, you should have one space of land to install the production line, and you should calculate the size of the land, and tell us the capacity and deadline.


MECO sourcing will help you achieve your target!

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