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Introduced Chinese billionaire No#275 Mr. Yao Liangsong.


Yao Liangsong is the Chairman of Guangzhou-headquartered Oppein Home Group, one of China’s largest markers of Kitchen appliances and home furniture.



OPPEIN Home Furniture Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, stock code 603833 from 2017 year. OPPEIN Home Furniture Group takes the overall cabinet as its flagship and drives the development of related industries, including whole house customization, wardrobe, bathroom, wooden doors, metal doors and windows, armored doors, furniture, kitchen appliances, soft decoration, and large home furnishing, etc., it’s a diversified industry. It’s the home furniture service provider in China. OPLI is a young sub-brand under the group, focusing on young and fashionable home styles. In 2020, the group officially launched a new high-end brand.




Oupai’s first set of cabinets was born, which began to change the Chinese people’s perception of the kitchen.


Historic moment:

– Guangzhou Kangjie Kitchen Cabinet Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established (“Kangjie” was the trademark used before the registration of “Oupai”), which took the lead in introducing the European concept of “integrated kitchen” into China.

– Oupai’s first set of integral cabinets was born, creating a precedent for China’s industrialized production of modern cabinets and setting off a storm of “kitchen revolution” in China.

–  “Kangjie Cabinet Wuyang Shopping Mall”, the first cabinet franchise store in China, opened.




The first to enter the real estate real estate supporting cabinet market


Historic moment:

– Set up a decoration engineering company and introduce the concept of one-stop service for kitchen and decoration.

– Take the lead in entering the market of supporting cabinets for real estate projects.



The trademark “OPPEI” was successfully registered


Historic moment:

– The trademark “OPPEI” was successfully registered.

– Carry out nationwide “Modern Cabinet Consumption Guidelines” activities to guide consumption and cultivate the market.



First put forward the enterprise spirit of “pursuit of perfection”


Historic moment:

– The eight-character cooperation policy of “fairness, brightness, unity and freedom” was first put forward at the Luofushan cadre meeting.

– Put forward the enterprise spirit of “pursuit of perfection”, which guides the direction for future development and provides a strong spiritual power.



The industry takes the lead in advocating integrity marketing


Historic moment:

– Launched the “Shop and Compare” integrity marketing, and implemented the “Quality Guarantee Card” service.

– Expand the central cities outside the province such as Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha and Hangzhou.

– The factory moved to Hebian Bridge on Guanghua Road, the first large-scale expansion of the production plant.



Create a precedent for the chain operation of the cabinet industry.


Historic moment:

– Strongly promote the construction of the national marketing network, and create a precedent for the chain operation of the cabinet industry.


– The Oupai agency franchise system has begun to take shape, and franchised shopping malls and service centers have been established in more than 100 large and medium-sized cities across the country.



OPPEIN’s first set of “2000 functional cabinets” was born


Historic moment:

– Officially announcing the start of the process of “Integration of Cabinet Appliances and Accessories” in China.

– OPPEIN’s annual sales exceeded 100 million yuan.



OPPEIN’s first set of green environmental protection products was born, and the industry took the lead in introducing the concept of environmental protection.


Historic moment:

– Guangzhou Jianggao Factory was completed and put into operation, and OPPEIN has the first development base of its own.

–  “Oupai” kitchen cabinet was rated as “Top Ten Quality Assured Brands” by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection.

– The first set of “21st Century Style” series of green environmental protection products was born, and the industry took the lead in introducing the concept of environmental protection cabinets.



Create a new concept of kitchen culture.


Historic moment:

– OPPEIN’s “2002 Landscape Line” product debuted, with more than 300 franchised shopping malls nationwide.

–  Awarded the honorable title of “Excellent Private Enterprise” in Guangzhou by the municipal government.

–  Passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification standard.

– OPPEIN hosted the first kitchen and bathroom culture seminar, creating a new concept of kitchen culture.



The drafting unit of the standard of the Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China “Housing Integral Kitchen”


Historic moment:

– Entered the sanitary ware industry and established “Guangzhou Oupai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.”.

– Launched “Computer Interconnected Design System” and “Order Management System” to initially realize the information management of cabinet orders.

– Selected as a “member unit of the Housing Facilities Committee of China Real Estate and Housing Research Association” to start the 3-year plan of “comprehensively building a European-style famous brand enterprise”.



OPPEIN’s first “flagship” product was born, taking the lead in bringing open kitchens to Chinese families.


Historic moment:

– Put forward the famous brand proposition of “European quality at Chinese price”.

– OPPEIN has won many honors such as “China Famous Brand”, “Famous Brand Demonstration Enterprise”, “Reliable Quality Consumer Reassured Product”, “Guangzhou Famous Brand”, “China Top Ten Kitchen and Bathroom Brands” and so on.

– OPPEIN has developed nearly 700 shopping malls nationwide, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

– Guangzhou Oupai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was selected as the “Compilation Unit of the Construction Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China “Integrated Bathroom in Residential Room”.

– OPPEIN’s first foreign franchised store – Los Angeles, USA opened.



Formally established the brand culture of “Home and Love”


Historic moment:

– Selected as “Executive Chairman of Cabinet Professional Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce”.

– For the first time, “Having family, love, and European style” was proposed, and Jiang Wenli was hired as the spokesperson of the corporate image to fully implement the brand strategy.

– Won the “Leading Enterprise Award” at the Commendation Conference for Outstanding Enterprises in China’s Cabinet Industry held in the Great Hall of the People.

– Won the “China Cabinet Market Product Quality Consumer Satisfaction Most Favorite Brand No. 1”.



OPPEIN officially entered the overall wardrobe.


Historic moment:

– Chairman Yao Liangsong was elected as “2006 Top Ten Economic Persons in Guangdong”.

– Obtained the first “China Environmental Labeling Product” certification in the domestic cabinet industry.

– Oupai Integrated Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was established to enter the whole wardrobe industry.

– OPPEIN cabinets have obtained five national design patents.

– Successfully held the “European Cup – 2006 China Overall Kitchen Space Design Competition”.



OPPEIN’s first digital kitchen was born, opening the era of Chinese kitchen intelligence


Historic moment:

– It was the first in the industry to be awarded “China Famous Brand Product”, and was awarded the honorary title of “China Cabinet Leading Enterprise” for the first time.

– Chairman Yao Liangsong was awarded “2007 Top Ten Persons of the Year in Guangzhou Economics in China”, and was appointed as “Distinguished Professor of China Taishan School of Management”; he was awarded “The Person of the Year in China’s Cabinet Industry”.

– The successful groundbreaking of the new Tangbei factory on Guanghua Road, covering an area of 137 mu, has become another significant milestone in the development history of OPPEIN.

– Guangzhou Aowei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. was awarded the “President Unit of the Artificial Stone Professional Committee of the Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce”.

– Won the title of “2007 China Cabinet Industry Leading Enterprise” and “China’s Top 100 Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Enterprises”.

– OPPEIN’s annual sales exceeded 1 billion yuan.




OPPEIN’s first digital kitchen was born, opening the era of Chinese kitchen intelligence.


Historic moment:

– OPPEIN’s first set of digital kitchen “Grenada” was born, opening the era of intelligent kitchen in China

– Launched the “Oupai Cup – 2008 China Overall Kitchen Space Design Competition” in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

– Cooperate with CCTV to hold “Happy China Tour · Charming European Style”, creating a model of entertainment marketing.

– Chairman Yao Liangsong was elected as the first chairman of “China Building Decoration Association Kitchen and Bathroom Engineering Committee” and the vice chairman of “Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association”, and won the “Top Ten Household Figures in South China in 2008”.

– OPPEIN has over 1,000 franchised shopping malls nationwide.

– Launched the development strategy plan for the next three years – “New Peak Plan”.



Established Oupai Home Furnishing Group


Historic moment:

– “Guangdong Oupai Group” was established.

–  The brand-new Oupai Tangbei Industrial Park, which cost 200 million yuan and covers an area of 137 mu, was officially completed and put into use. The annual production capacity of 300,000 sets of cabinets has become the largest cabinet manufacturer in Asia.

– It was the first in the industry to be awarded “China Famous Trademark”.

– The “Champion League” of six major brands initiated by OPPE was launched in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Chairman Yao Liangsong was elected as the first rotating chairman of the “Champion League”; in the same year, the “Champion League” was rated as the best business model in China.

– Beijing Main Store – OPPEIN’s first flagship store with a display area of over 5,000 square meters opened.

– OPPPEIN 200 million generously “snatched” CCTV’s prime advertising resources.

– OPPEIN has nearly 2,000 franchised shopping malls nationwide.



For internationalization, the new LOGO is officially launched – OPPEIN.


Historic moment:

– The company officially changed its name to “Guangdong Oupai Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd.”.

– Chairman Yao Liangsong was selected as the torchbearer of the Guangzhou Baiyun Station of the 16th Asian Games, conveying the glory and dream on behalf of OPPEIN.

– OPPEIN Tianjin production base officially broke ground.

– The company’s new VI system and OPPEIN trademark were officially launched. The first batch of cabinet 4S image stores in the country opened.

– Oupai Wardrobe won the “Top 30 Chinese Wardrobe Industry”; the group began to enter the wooden door industry.

– The first “Oupai Cup China International Home Furnishing Culture Festival” was launched.



Become a world-class home furnishing manufacturing base


Historic moment:

– The first phase of Tianjin production base was completed and put into operation. The total area of the group’s production base reached 500,000 square meters, making it a world-class home furnishing manufacturing base.

– Won the title of “High-tech Enterprise”, “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and “Demonstration Enterprise for Transformation and Upgrading of Advantageous Traditional Industries in Guangdong Province”.

– Started the three-year development strategic plan to enter the big home furnishing – “Casting Ding Plan”, and launched the “10+1” OPPEIN business model; marking that OPPEIN will realize the transformation from the first brand of overall kitchen in China to the leading brand of overall home furnishing in China span.

– Chairman Yao Liangsong was elected as Chairman of Baiyun District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Vice Chairman of the 9th Committee of Baiyun District Political Consultative Conference; he was named “Advanced Worker of Spiritual Civilization Construction” in Guangzhou.

– The official flagship store of Oppai Tmall Mall opened.



The first set of “Pagani Zonta” designed by the world’s top masters (top Italian designer Ettore Tinagli) was born.


Historic moment:

– Join hands with Guangdong Satellite TV to create a star-studded “European Night” Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Liu Huan, Zhang Liangying, Gu Juji, Ren Xianqi, Yu Quan, Da Bing, Dai Jun, Gong Hanlin, Wang Zhengliang and other stars appeared.

– Chairman Yao Liangsong won the “National Outstanding Individual Award for Employment and Entrepreneurship” issued by the State Council.

– OPPEIN has been ranked as “China’s Top 100 Kitchen and Bathroom Enterprises – Top 10 Cabinet Leading Enterprises” for four consecutive years.

– Oupai Integrated Home Furnishing (wardrobe) won the unit of “Executive President of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce”.

– The annual sales of OPPEIN Group exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the number of franchised shopping malls nationwide exceeded 2,000.



Jump to the next level


Historic moment:

– The establishment of “Oupai Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd.” marks that the group’s operating mechanism and management model will leap to a new level.

– Chairman Yao Liangsong was elected as the first chairman of Guangdong Home Furnishing Industry Federation.

– Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Red Star Macalline.

– Worked with Aya and Lian Kai to shoot the first micro-movie “Love You After 10 Years of Itchy Marriage”, which won the “Best Integrated Marketing Award at the 2013 Marketing Ceremony”; the large-scale integrated marketing campaign “Love will go with home” exploded at the same time.

– The Group was selected by Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau as a post-doctoral innovation practice base and established a post-doctoral research station.



The birth of the first set of top cabinets of Oupai, “The King’s Style”, opened the era of internationalization of Chinese manufacturing


Historic moment:

– Start the development strategy plan for the next three years – “Dream Building Plan”, and put forward the goal of “Ten Billion Europa”.

– OPPEIN Door Industry was elected as the executive chairman of the Door Industry Professional Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce.

– The Wuxi production base began to plan and build; the expansion project of the Timian factory area and the Jiang Gaoxin factory area were completed.

– Officially launched the “Love Home Program” to create a new model of fully transparent public donation. Hand in hand with “Free Lunch”, mobilize the majority of European-style consumers to participate together, pay attention to and support the needy children and their families who need help urgently.

– Officially launched the large-scale home furnishing strategy, China’s first high-end customized home furnishing model.



“Power off for an hour” action gets great acclaim.


Historic moment:

– Titled the Golden Eagle Festival of Hunan Satellite TV, and set off a whirlwind of European style together with The Voice of China Bird’s Nest Finals.

– Worked with Zhou Dongyu to shoot the micro-movie “Power off for One Hour” and launched the “Shut Down for One Hour” public relations campaign, which attracted the attention and follow-up reports of well-known media at home and abroad, and achieved great success.



OPPEIN Opens the Era of Whole House Custom MALL.


Historic moment:

– OPPEIN’s big home furnishing strategy was officially launched, and large-scale whole-house customized MALL layout terminals led the second revolution in the industry.



On March 28, 2017, OPPEIN, stock code: 603833


Historic moment:

– Officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and successfully landed on the A-share main board. This means that another heavyweight in the home furnishing industry has been added to the capital market, and it also means that OPPEIN is entering the tens of billions of dollars and starting a new journey.

– On May 15th, Pu Cunxin joined hands with his daughter Pu Fang to help the “European 515 Family Love Project” to shoot the family short film “A Letter to My Daughter”, using the situation of “self-public welfare” to “call love home”. With a brand value of 23.955 billion yuan, OPPEIN ranks among the top 500 Chinese home furnishing companies, ranking first in the field of home furnishing.




– On November 23, OPPEIN Home Furnishing was awarded “Today’s Toutiao’s Most Concerned Customized Brand” and “Excellent Enterprise Toutiao”.

– In December, OPNI wooden doors successively won the “China Home Furnishing Industry Quality Improvement Action (Door and Door Industry) Quality Brand 5A Demonstration Enterprise”, “the main drafting unit of the national group standard “Building Ecological Interior Doors”, “2017 Guangdong Wooden Doors “Top Ten Brands of Wood Customization”, “Guangdong Door and Window Demonstration Enterprise”, “Guangdong Door Industry Association Standing Committee Unit”.



Historic moment:

– The sales exceeded 10 billion in one year of listing, and the “three horses and one car” strategy sprinted to a new peak in market value of 100 billion.

– In May, the flagship store of Oupai Furnishings was successfully opened, which became a landmark event in the development of Oupai.

– On August 15th, OPPEIN was listed on the “World’s Largest Screen” in Times Square, New York, and dominated 13 iconic international airports around the world, creating a world-class advertising feast and leading Chinese home furnishing to the world.

– On August 29, OPPEIN was awarded China’s Top 500 Private Enterprise Manufacturing Enterprises,

– In November, OPPEIN won awards such as Guangdong Top 100 Private Enterprises, Guangdong Cabinet Industry Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Contribution Award, and Guangdong Famous Brand Products.



Historic moment:

– Upgrade the brand-new business model of “Enablement through complete decoration”, and cooperate with leading home improvement enterprises all over the country to realize a truly integrated home decoration solution.

– Develop the OPNI Armored Door and Metal Door and Window industries, improve the product chain, deepen the “big home” strategy, and upgrade to an “integrated solution provider”.

– Launched OPPEIN “Famous Brand Plan”, integrating various famous brand resources, continuously expanding SKU, enriching categories, and gradually building an integrated purchasing and service platform for the whole house famous brand products.

– Won the “Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises”, “2019 Hurun China Top 500 Private Enterprises”, “High-quality Development Pioneer of Chinese Listed Companies”, “2019 A-share ‘Beautiful 100’ Potential List”, “2019 China’s Annual Influential Real Estate” Supplier TOP 10″ and other awards.



Historic moment:

– OPPEIN launched a new high-end brand – BAUNIS to further improve the high-end customer service system, upgrade the brand strategy and enhance the brand value.


– Develop OPNI Armored Doors, improve the product chain, deepen the “big home” strategy, and upgrade to an “integrated solution provider”.


– Strive to forge the second engine, set up the group marketing model innovation department, open up a new battlefield for traffic competition without sticking to one pattern, and realize the innovation and mutation of marketing channels, models and tools.


– The Oupai Public Welfare Foundation was officially registered and established, continuing the International Family Day on May 15 every year as the “Oupai Love Family Day”, and continued to pay attention to families in distress and sub-health.



Historic moment:

– Became the first enterprise in the home furnishing industry with a market value of over 100 billion yuan, with sales exceeding 20 billion yuan.

– The Huazhong Intelligent Manufacturing Base project settled in Wuhan, marking that OPPEIN has completed the national base layout of “Southeast, Northwest China”.

– Selected as the third batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration bases of national industry and informatization, and passed the certification of the national industrial design center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

– Established the home furnishing industry design competition “Polence” to pay tribute to the creators of high-end home furnishing aesthetics.


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