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Founded in 1998 year.

The official website shows it is a CMOS technology company.


From the website, this is a technology company, focus on CMOS. CMOS chips are everywhere, mobile phones, cameras, cars, etc.


After learning about their business, it has different from other companies.

Introduce the background of the founder:

Mr. Yu Renrong, was born in 1966 year at Zhejiang Ningbo. He studied at Tsinghua University in 1985, majored in Radio projects in EE85 class, and graduated in 1990.


After graduated from university, he worked in Inspur Group(State Enterprise) as Engineer.

2 years later he went to Hong Kong Longyue Electronic, be a sales manager at Beijing Office.

6 years later he left this company, and set up company which named Beijing Huaqingchang Technical and trading company, main business is Electronic components distribution and trade agency. That year is 1998 year.


Till to 2006 year, this company is becoming the biggest distributor in the Beijing district. And then he set up Beijing Hongzhi, Shenzhen Jinghongzhi, Hongkong HuaTsing Electronic.


In 2007 year, Yu Rongren set up Will share, main business is component design and distributor.

In 2017 year, Will share became a listed company. Same June, they public acquired Beijing Haowei(OmniVision Technologies), but it was stopped by the main shareholder.

On May, 4th 2017, the listed price of Will’s share was 7.02RMB. Until Dec, 18th, the Will share was 233RMB, 33 times after 3 years.


You should be curious about what happened of this Will share company? Me also.


From the report document, in 2018 year, it has a 3.964 billion selling amount, among the distributor sales is 3.13 billion, 80%, and the semiconductor design and selling which has high gross profit, 830 million, only 20%.

In the market, Will shares only a distributor, not a real chip manufacturer.


In Aug, 14th 2018, Will share published a reorganization plan, they plan to acquire Beijing Haowei’s 96.08% share. In July 2019, this deal was done. Will share entre CMOS image sensor.


In 2019, after the combined financial sheet, it has 9.406 billion selling amount, an increased 40%, the net profit increased to 466 million, increased 221.14%.


Will share changed the business from distributor to chips manufacturer.


Until Dec, 17th 2020, the price-earnings ratio of Will share was 85.87 times, which is a standard high valuation of chip companies.


But after the Will shares’ price skyrocketed, the major shareholders began to reduce their holdings intensively.


On Nov 21st, 2020, Will shares announced that founder Yu Renrong planned to reduce his holding by 9 million shares, he cashed out around 2.1 billion RMB in this time.


Except for Yu Renrong, the company’s board secretary and another executive also cashed out in high prices.


What is the company OmniVision?

From Wiki, the information is below:


From the above introduction, we can see this company is great in the past year in this industry.


From the Chinese report, co-founders introduction is below.

There are four co-founders of OmniVision. Chairman and CEO Hong Xiaoying is an alumnus of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1955. The other founder and COO Chen Datong is a 1977 alumnus of Tsinghua University Radio Department. Raymond Wu is in charge of marketing and TC Tshu is in charge of Digital circuits.

In the early days of the company, most of the backbone of the R&D team came from Tsinghua University. In order to consolidate the company’s technical team, COO Chen Datong went to Tsinghua University and hired several talented people, including He Xinping (the first place in Tsinghua’s 80-level semiconductor major), Liu Jun, Yang Hongli, Dong Qi (The top two in the 82-level semiconductor major).


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