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Founded in 1990.

Hengli Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hengli Weishi Pneumatics Co., Ltd., is specialized in the manufacture of pneumatic actuators, control, and handling components, and other accessories.


Histories of the founder:

In the mid-1960s, Wang Liping was born in a poor family in Wuxi.

After graduating from junior high school, he worked in a township pneumatic company for the first time.

Since then, he had a strong interest in mechanical manufacturing, he start to reading some related books in his spare time. He noticed that the domestic demand for hydraulic cylinders is large. At that time, the main Chinese market are rely on imports, and the market is monopolized by foreign giants such as KYB, Komatsu, and Toyo Electromechanical.


Wang Liping believes that “the hydraulic cylinder business will have a market”.

After confirming the right direction, he taught himself ALL the courses of the engineering machinery major of Northeast Engineering College and thought about how to operate the oil cylinder industry. When everything was ready, at the age of 25, he used the 50,000 yuan which he had saved from his salary to set up Wuxi Hengli Hydraulic Pneumatic(*In here, I think it is stories, 50,000RMB is very much in 1990, in China. In that year if the family has 10,000RMB, it should be the richest in that district. As I thought, he get support from his family. But, it said he comes from a poor family, the probability is, the township company was bankrupt, their staff 7 people selling the machine and rebuilt a new company. It is normal to happen in that year. This is only my personal opinion, not really.), a family workshop-style enterprise with only 7 people.

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