How many wholesale markets are in Guangzhou city?

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How many wholesale markets are in Guangzhou city?

Most foreign trade people know the Yiwu Commodity wholesale market in China. China’s domestic market has two selections of sources of products, one is from Zhejiang goods, other one is from Guangdong goods. These different district names represent different quality and prices and target consumers. In Zhejiang, shoes are represented by the Wenzhou people, and in Guangdong, various clothing and shoe trades are represented by the Chaoshan people, and the most of wholesale markets are in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong. At the same time, the wholesale markets in these two regions are also based on local superior products and origins.

There are more than 1,000 professional wholesale markets for various commodities, here introduced the mainstream wholesale market in Guangzhou

No#1 Clothing wholesale market

No#2 Shoe wholesale market

No#3 Shoes and clothing raw materials wholesale market

No#4 Luggage and Handbags Wholesale Market

No#5 Boutique and Toy Stationery wholesale market

  • No#1 Clothing wholesale market

1. Liuhua Business District around the train station: This is the most famous and longest-running clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou

In the Zhanqian Road area, there are clothing cities headed by Baima, as well as clothing wholesale cities such as Tianma, Yima, Liuhua, Huimei, Hongmian, UUS, and Xindadi, as well as Hedi First Avenue men’s and children’s clothing wholesale markets. The prices here are slightly higher, and many shops have their own styles and brands. Baima Clothing City is the most high-end clothing city in the area. There are various high-end women’s clothing, and there are fitting models for you to wear. The place is also clean. It is very comfortable to buy and shop, and you can choose carefully. The Korean women’s clothing on the first floor is very beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive. They are basically wholesale and rarely retail; there are more retail stores on the second and third floors. (P.S. If you want to see beautiful women in Guangzhou, go to Baima Clothing City. It has different clothes models show in here)

2. Liwan Road Shisanhang Clothing Commercial District:

Located on Shisanhang Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, it consists of many markets, including the New China Building, Hongbantian Building, Doulan Street, etc., all of which sell wholesale clothing, mainly women’s clothing.

New China Building: It is said to be the largest among the Shisanhang. It has high-end, high-end, and low-end clothing. The second floor below is mainly low-end women’s clothing, including a cowboy street. The first floor below is for mid- to low-end stores, the first to third floors are for mid-range stores, and the fourth to 28th floors are for mid-to-high-end stores. It can be said that this is the essence of clothing in the country.

Hongwantian Building: The first floor below focuses on mid to high-end brands of denim clothing. The first floor is for stalls, and the second floor and above are offices. Among them, there are those that specialize in knitted sweaters, and there are also those who deal in clothing for middle-aged and elderly people.

The clothing on Doulan Street is relatively popular, and most of it is made from low-end goods sold in another clothing market, Shahe Clothing Market and the styles are not distinctive.

3. Shahe Clothing Market:

Located to the west of Guangzhou Avenue North, in the area of Xianlie East Road

Shahe Clothing Market is the best place to buy low-end clothing in Guangzhou, mainly in Nancheng, Beicheng, Wanjia, Yimin, Jinma, and Charming Oriental Cowboy City.

Most of the items here are self-produced and low-priced mid- to low-end men’s and women’s clothing. People in this industry both go to Shahe for wholesale of jeans and men’s clothing. It is said that Charming Oriental Cowboy City is the largest cowboy city in China.

In addition, there is a morning market in Shahe, which usually opens at three or four in the morning and closes at six o’clock. If you go early, you can find good, beautiful and genuine goods. “The early bird catches the worm”, this saying is best reflected in Shahe Morning Market.

In recent years, e-commerce and street stalls have added another option for sources of clothing: the “Jindonghe Guangda” Clothing City on Zengcha Road; in addition, there is also the Zhongshan 8th Road Children’s Clothing Wholesale Market Group represented by Zhongshan 8th Road Children’s Clothing Wholesale.

  • No#2 Shoe wholesale market

Guangzhou’s clothing wholesale industry is famous throughout the country, and Guangzhou’s shoe wholesale industry is also famous throughout the country.

The shoe wholesale market is also mainly located in the Liuhua extended business district near the train station: Zhanxi Road-Huanshi West Road area. The main ones include Buyun Tiandi, International Shoe Plaza, European Shoe City, Tianhe Shoe City, Xicheng-Huahua Palace Shoe Plaza and other shoe wholesale building clusters on Zhan West Road and Guangyuan West Road.

If you want to find genuine leather women’s shoes, you can go directly to the European Shoe City, where you can find a variety of mid- to high-end leather brand women’s shoes that are sold across the country. Genuine leather men’s shoes are mainly found in Tianhe Shoe City; and the International Shoe City has a mixture of genuine leather and imitation leather. It is a hodgepodge of men’s and women’s shoes; Buyun Tiandi is unique. The stalls on the first to third floors are for genuine leather men’s and women’s shoes, while the stalls above the fourth floor are basically foreign trade shoe companies, focusing on exporting to foreign markets. trading.

Speaking of the export shoe industry, the several commercial buildings connected between Xicheng and Huali Palace are definitely famous all over the world. From all the merchants in the markets of East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, to Africa, to Europe, to North and South America and Latin America, all merchants who import Chinese shoes know about Xicheng – Huali Palace Shoe Commercial Building.

  • No#3 Shoes and clothing raw materials wholesale market

1. Clothing raw materials and accessories wholesale market: concentrated in Haizhu District, Zhongda Cloth City Wholesale Market Group represented by Guangzhou International Textile City, Baiyun World Clothing Trade Center, and Yangtze River Cloth Trading City. There are not only clothing fabrics, linings, padding, laces, zippers, buckles, needle threads, etc. but also all the materials and processes related to clothing production. Only you can’t think of it, and there is nothing you can’t buy.

2. Shoe material supply market: Mainly located at Xinhaopan Material Market on Zhanxi Road, extending to the leading market on Guangyuan West Road and other shoe material markets. Similarly, all genuine leather and imitation leather materials, special shoe fabrics, heels, soles, shoe buckles, rivet decorations, etc., and all the materials, processes and steps required for shoe production are included.

  • No#4 Luggage and Handbags Wholesale Market

The luggage and handbag wholesale market in Guangzhou is located in the Ziyuangang area of Sanyuanli. This is another wholesale market for fashion goods that is no less impressive than the wholesale market for clothing and shoes. It includes the Sanyuanli-Ziyuangang leather goods wholesale market group represented by Baiyun World Leather Trade Center, China-Australia Leather City, China-Hong Kong Leather Trade City and Xinxing Leather City.

Here, in addition to daily bags, satchels, handbags, backpacks, evening bags, etc., we also sell all kinds of luggage, from trolley cases to wallets. It is a complete world of luggage. If you’re familiar customer, the shopers will show you their particular private latest version.

  • No#5 Boutique and Toy Stationery wholesale market

The main of Boutique and toy stationery are located in Yide Road.

1. Wanfu Boutique Market (Wanfu Road area)

Hat and different fashion products

2. Taikang Jewelry City

Hat, glasses, fashion products

3. Wanlink Plaza

Home decor products, stationery, toys, fashion products

Guangzhou also has large specialty wholesale markets such as Guangzhou East Railway Station Tianhui City, Guangzhou International Toys and Gifts City, Guangzhou Nantian International Hotel Supplies Wholesale Market, and Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Supplies City. There are also Yide Road seafood wholesale markets represented by Shanhaicheng, Haizhongbao and other large dried seafood wholesale centers; and grain, oil and food wholesale markets: Zengchu Road represented by Zengcha Road Dongwang Comprehensive Food Wholesale Market and Jiangnan Vegetable Wholesale Market There are food, agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets; there are also stationery and office supplies wholesale markets: Huangsha student stationery and office supplies wholesale markets represented by Yiyuan. And the largest medicinal wholesale market in the country: Guangzhou Qingping medicinal wholesale market, etc…


  • The end

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