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Fan Li served Goujian, the king of Yue. He worked hard and diligently, and planned and planned with Goujian for more than 20 years. He finally destroyed the state of Wu and wiped out the humiliation of Kuaiji.

The Vietnamese army marched northward to the Huaihe River, approaching the borders of Qi and Jin, commanding all the countries in the Central Plains to respect the Zhou family, Gou Jian became the hegemon, and Fan Li became the general.

After returning to the country, Fan Li thought that being famous would not last long, and that Gou Jian was a man who could share adversity with him and share happiness with him. The humiliated subject deserves to die. In the past you were humiliated in Kuaiji, the reason why I did not die was to avenge my revenge. Now that I have avenged my shame, I beg you to give me the death penalty of being humiliated in Kuaiji.”

Goujian said, “I will divide the country of Yue with you equally. Otherwise, I will blame you.”

Fan Li said: “The monarch can carry out your orders, and the courtiers still follow their own wishes.” So he packed and packed fine and soft jewels, and left by sea with his entourage. He never returned to Yue. the mountain as his fief.

Fan Li left the King of Yue and sent a letter from the State of Qi to Wenzhong, the doctor. The letter said: “Flying birds are gone, good bows are hidden; cunning rabbits are dead, lackeys are cooking. The king of Yue is a long-necked beak. You can only share troubles with him, but not happiness. Why don’t you leave?”

After Wen Zhong read the letter, he claimed that he was sick and would not go to court again. Someone slandered that Wenzhong was about to cause chaos, so the King of Yue rewarded Wenzhong with a sword and said, “You taught me seven strategies for attacking Wu. I defeated Wu with only three strategies. The four are still with you. You will replace them.” Let me go and try those four tricks in front of the late king!” Wen Zhong then committed suicide.

Fan Li sailed to the state of Qi by boat, changed his name and surname, and called himself “Qi Yi Zi Pi”. He worked hard by the sea, worked hard, and worked hard to produce. Not long after living here, he accumulated hundreds of thousands of property.

The people of Qi heard that he was worthy, so they made him the prime minister of the state. Fan Li sighed and said: “If you live at home, you can accumulate thousands of gold, and if you are an official, you can reach the high position of minister. This is the highest position that ordinary people can achieve. It is not auspicious to enjoy the honorable name for a long time.” So he returned the seal and dispersed it. He gave away his property, gave it to close friends, friends, and neighbors in the same village, left secretly, and lived in Taodi.

He believes that this is the center of the world, the road for trading is smooth, and business can make a fortune. So he called himself Tao Zhugong. It was also agreed that both father and son would cultivate and herd livestock, and wait for the opportunity when buying and selling, so as to obtain one-tenth of the profit. Not long after, the family assets accumulated to a huge amount. Everyone in the world praises Tao Zhugong.

Fan Li had moved house three times and became famous all over the world. He didn’t leave somewhere at will, he became famous wherever he lived. In the end, he died of old age in Taodi, so people in the world call him Tao Zhugong.

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