Raw Materials

What are China’s most exported raw material products?


1. Citric acid


Citric acid has been exported 2.9 billion tons in total, and it is well-deserved that it is the most exported product. As an organic acid, citric acid has its presence in any industry, such as: industry, cosmetics, food, and carbonated acid that we usually drink Beverages or fruit juice drinks, the sour taste is that it works, and it is an excellent natural preservative and additive. China allows the use of citric acid in a moderate amount in food to increase the taste of food and increase appetite. Lemon After all, the industries where acid is used are all pillar industries of human beings, so it is inevitable that it ranks first in export volume.


2. Anthracite


Anthracite is China’s second-largest export product. Up to now, the cumulative export volume is about 2.7 billion tons. It is not the same as the old-fashioned coal before. The calorific value is relatively low, but its carbon content is relatively high. And the impurity content is relatively low. Anthracite is mainly used in chemical fertilizers, ceramics, forging industries, etc. At present, the estimated reserves of anthracite in China are about 474 billion tons, accounting for only 10% of domestic coal. Although it is a drop in the bucket, it is also a rare high-quality resource. , not only can be used in industry, but also can be used to filter our daily domestic water. Is it hard to imagine such a black thing, but also has the function of purification.


3. Polyvinyl


Polyvinyl chloride is the third largest product in China’s export volume. This is the PVC material we are more familiar with. Polyvinyl chloride has very stable physical and chemical properties. It is not only flame retardant, but also has good flexibility. The most important thing is that the price is cheap, so PVC is widely used. For example, it is used to make doors and windows or energy-saving pipes. Whether it is at home or abroad, plastic doors and windows are very popular. Secondly, they can also be processed into transparent films or colored ones. Like packing bags, raincoats or inflatable toys are inseparable from it.


4. Sodium


Sodium carbonate is actually soda ash. Just such a small soda ash is also an important item for China’s foreign exports. In international trade, soda ash is called soda. As an important chemical raw material, it is widely used in various fields For example, food, medicine, metallurgy, etc., like the detergents or cleaning agents we usually use, all of which are involved in the production, such as glass products, which are also made by themselves. One ton of glass output is Nearly 0.2 tons of alkali were consumed.


 5. Aluminum materials


According to statistics, the cumulative amount of aluminum materials exported from China is as high as 76.03 million tons. The aluminum materials exported to the outside world must be processed first, such as manufactured products, forged products, etc., and then go through multiple processes to make aluminum materials. Hole, cutting, assembly, coloring, etc. In order to complete this series of operations, some alloying elements will be added to the aluminum material to enhance the performance of the aluminum material. Now the main categories of aluminum materials include rolled materials, or Alloys combined with other elements.


6. Ferroalloy


The common steel is basically a kind of ferroalloy, which is also the most widely used and the reason for the largest consumption of ferroalloy. Ferroalloy is generally used as a deoxidizer. In the process of steelmaking on site, ferroalloy will be added to help Oxygen in molten steel, and even some special iron alloys, can easily remove other impurities carried in molten steel, such as common sulfur and nitrogen, etc., and can also act as alloy additives.


7. Iron


The export of iron and ore resources is also an important economic source of China’s foreign exports. Up to now, the export volume of iron in China has reached about 72.01 million tons. Iron is an iron-carbon alloy. Iron contains carbon, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur manganese and other elements.


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