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Humans have been building structures to live in for thousands of years. The earliest known permanent human settlements date back to around 10,000 BC, during the Mesolithic period. These settlements were typically small communities of hunter-gatherers who built simple huts or shelters out of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and mud. As human societies evolved and became more complex, so did the structures they built to live in. Over time, humans began building more permanent and elaborate structures, such as houses, temples, and cities.

Home products including those products used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen room, garden, and everything which has a concern with lives, can fulfill human’s essential needs and improve human living quality.




Modern humans evolved from hunter-gatherers over the last 2.5 million years. Because of this, we thrive best when we adopt some of our ancestors’ habits: getting enough physical activity, sunshine, social interaction, sleep, and nutrition. But after living in the house, modern humans miss the life that their ancestors had. By another meaning, the outdoor life gene is still alive in modern human’s deep memory. Then modern humans wanted to find out how living the life the body was programmed for would affect productivity. As an experience, to lived like a caveman—eating like a caveman, sleeping on the floor, doubling the amount of sunlight got each day, and walking and running 8 to 14.5 kilometers a day. While modern society values convenience over health, it’s worth adopting these ancient habits to improve our energy levels. Modern humans need outdoor life to improve energy levels, they have a bigger impact on our health, happiness, and productivity than we realize. That’s one of the reasons of Outdoor industry is growing step by step. Actually, that’s our ancestor’s life, not only one experience. 

Outdoor means not in the house, outdoor gear means gear for camping, hunting, hiking, skiing, biking, fishing, rafting, and other outdoor activities.

To live like ancestors in a short time, is the way to let body and spirit breathe in the natural environment, totally back to nature.




Electronic history began with the invention of the vacuum diode by J.A. Fleming in 1897; and, after that, a vacuum triode, tetrode, and pentode tubes dominated the world until World War II.

Subsequently, the transistor era began with the junction transistor invention in 1948. The subsequent years witnessed the invention of integrated circuits (ICs) that drastically changed the electronic circuits’ nature as the entire electronic circuit got integrated on a single chip, which resulted in the low cost, size, and weight of electronic devices. Digital integrated circuits were yet another robust IC development that changed the overall architecture of computers, the next was the microprocessors in 1969 by Intel. This is all about the fundamental understanding of electronics history. Applications of Electronics in Daily Life include Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Smart Grid Systems, Industrial Automation and Motion Control, Image Processing, Medical Applications, etc.

Consumer electronics includes one set of electronic devices that provide one or more Functions in a home or for a particular individual. Consumer electronics include items such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning some white home appliances, also including Mobile phones, Computers, Laptops Tablets, and peripheral products.


MECO sourcing provides product sourcing services for Home/ Outdoor/ Electronic products.

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