Conversion Project

What is a conversion project?


The term “conversion” can relate to a change of use or a change in function from a building’s existing usage – whatever that may be – to a new use. For example, a church may be converted into apartments, a garage may be converted into an office, a lighthouse may be converted into a home and so on.


How to start Conversion Projects and spot potential?


If you’ve found a structure that seems ripe for conversion, you will need to thoroughly examine it to establish whether it’s suitable and if there are any factors that might cause costly complications or delays. Here are the key considerations:


Look into whether the conversion is viable. “There are some things that you need to investigate before you purchase, you should consult professional Architects. These are completely unnegotiable and will affect whether the project can go ahead”.


Understand what might hold up the program. Sometimes the site investigation findings will delay the build – for example, if your plot requires an archaeological dig or if the ecological survey discovers the presence of bats or another protected species.


Establish what design is suitable for the building. Conversion projects require detail, and when it comes to finalizing a scheme, the essential investigations are structural surveys (to examine the condition of the building) and measured surveys (so that you can understand what space there is and how to make the most of it).


Any building conversion into residential use is likely to put a lot of stress on the roof fabric, so it’s best to get a structural engineer to set out the capabilities of the existing form.


You’ll need to find out whether the building is listed or within a conservation area, as this will have an impact on your proposal and planning consent. Bear in mind also that some conversions are considered to be permitted development.


MECO sourcing would love to evaluate the budget of any Conversion project!

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