About Us

MECO Sourcing is a sourcing company.
Headquartered in Guangzhou, China.
Established in 2018 year.
We provide project services(PS) and product sourcing services(PSS) to our customers.
Supporting customers in 50+ Countries worldwide.

MECO Sourcing is a sourcing company with a specialization in products Outdoor, Electronic, Home sourcing and Project service.
With rich experience, we provide Project Services (PS) and Product Sourcing Services (PSS) to our customers through our
ability to market research, design, production oversight, other manufacturing oversight, and management services.
MECO Sourcing provide product sourcing service, will handle the full process from initial brief to delivering to your city.

Our MECO manage the whole sourcing operation from start to finish. Customers requiring this service vary from start-ups, to national companies, to worldwide brands.

Many of you are new to importing, and many were already importing, but can all benefit from the further savings that MECO Sourcing’s team can offer. Our experience in sourcing product in China/Asia means that we cover every detail ensuring your products are perfect.
We are very experienced in a wide variety of products and we always get you the most competitive prices possible, while maintaining the quality and service expected.

At a time convenient for you that we will meet face to face or discuss over the phone your full product(s) requirements. If you have samples available then we will request these. During this initial contact we will explain the process that will be undertaken to source your product and take time to understand your needs. After this meeting if you feel comfortable with the process we will begin to source your products.


Our team has the expertise to search out new opportunities by visiting exhibitions, increasing the supplier database, and always on the look out for the every big things in market. Our Passion for Products means we put a lot of focus into the sourcing of Produce Lines. We conduct market research into new product ranges, tailoring each collection for channels, brings the new product developments and design to the market.

We source and select the correct factory, negotiate to achieve the most competitive price. Organize tooling or molding if required, organize the branding and artworks, sampling, manufacturing. Through Procurement, we have an established network of suppliers enabling us to source a vast range of products from Home, Outdoor, Electronic.

Currently, all of our suppliers are located in China, we are actively exploring the expansion of the supply chain to the entire region of Asia, like India, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. If the product is something that can be made in China at a competitive price we will have 1 to 3 factories at least within our current network who can make it. In the very unlikely event we do not know a supplier for an item we will be Honest and just tell you and we may even be able to point you in the direction of another company who can help.

Quality Control

Quality is at the Forefront of MECO sourcing. Our Quality control has a good reputation for improving and maintaining the quality of products to ensure we remain fully compliant with clients standards and legislation.

The product sample is approved by us and the customers, then the production can start. During production, inspections take place at the factory firstly and the products have to meet our certain standard to pass before they can be shipped out.

So therefore all products selected by our teams go through a Quality Approval assessment to ensure compliance with all relevant standards, legislation and specific customer requirements.

We will continue to review our procedures on a regular basis to maintain these high standards.

“We will take our customers by the hand”

MECO Sourcing sees itself as a service partner for your import with the requirement ” your Satisfaction comes first “. We work together to build Trust and effectively deliver and put the necessary resources into place to ensure our clients “you” can rely on us.

MECO Sourcing to makes the process very simple which original is a laborious, complicated and tiring. So if there’s anything you want, just ask.

Our Work Process

Our proven work process guarantees efficiency and transparency at every step,
so you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind:

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